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By booking any experience displayed on this website under the name Highlife México, you accept and understand the following assumptions:

  1. It is required to know how to swim and maintain buoyancy.
    a. My swimming skills are above that of a beginner and I can keep my head above the water without my feet touching the bottom for extended periods. I am also in good physical and mental health and am not under the influence of any drugs or substances that could affect my ability to swim or follow directions. I understand that by omitting or lying about my physical or mental state I am in danger of causing harm to myself and the company is not responsible for it. I hereby follow all the rules, regulations and instructions given by my guides during my participation in the activity or when renting the equipment.
  2. I understand and agree that the company is not responsible for the loss of my personal effects.
  3. It is my responsibility to respect the flora and fauna of the place.
  4. I recognize that any activity related to water can be dangerous and I assume such risks.
    a. I am aware that open water activities can damage me, my belongings, injure me, make me sick or drown. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to participate in this activity or rent equipment. Or if the participant is a minor, I have as legal guardian or parent given permission and I recognize the risks of participating in this activity during its entirety.
  5. I hereby waive my right to sue The High Life Mexico.
    a. I voluntarily accept that I will not file claims or take action against, sue or hold the city of Cancun, the company, staff, guides, vendor, associates or company representatives responsible, nor will I expect to demand or pursue them to be held responsible for any damage to me or my belongings and I am 100% responsible for any damage or equipment, I am responsible for its replacement or repair according to the prices that Highlife Mexico agrees on the equipment and it shall be covered at the moment.
  6. Permission to obtain medical assistance.
    a. In the event of illness or emergency during activity sustained by myself or by a minor on whose behalf I am signing this document, I hereby give permission to obtain medical assistance. Any expense for any intervention or medical assistance will be my sole responsibility and not that of the company.


Do not book any experience, tour or activity if you do not agree to follow all clearly stipulated regulations. This is a legal document and your reservation acts as your acknowledgment of the content of this contract, do not reserve if you do not understand or agree to be bound by its content.