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Welcome to Surf School by Highlife Mexico, founded by two determined women who, later joined by another capable partner, created this humble surf haven. Originating in Cancun, our community flourished for three successful years before finding a new home on Cozumel Island.

With a passion for sports and nature, we’ve crafted a surf experience that goes beyond lessons. Our skilled team of instructors is dedicated to turning each session into an unforgettable adventure. Join us on the shores of Cozumel for a unique surfing journey that celebrates the spirit of the ocean and the joy of riding the waves. Welcome to our wave-riding family!





Kayak Expert and Surf Instructor


Camila is part of the lagoon like the fish and the birds. She discovered her love for water sports at the age of 15 when she started giving windsurfing lessons, since then she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and became an expert, mastering kayaking and surfing.

She learned ancestral knowledge from the first explorers who traveled the lagoon and has been part of important events such as Global Green Peace, El Cruce, Limpiezas con Corazón de Mar, Wetlands Workshop, etc.

When he’s not paddling a kayak, he’s riding a surfboard or enjoying herself on her longboard.

Whether in the ocean or in the lagoon, Camila is the perfect person to go on an adventure.


Juan Carlos "Jr"

Paddle Board Expert


Junior is our youngest surf instructor and he’s in love with bodyboarding and surfing! He has competed in state events, earning 1st place in bodyboarding on two occasions.

When junior is not in a board he’s also inside of the water, working as a certified lifeguard along with civil protection (government entity) and helping as part of an underwater rescue team.

He’s a passionate instructor who loves to teach and work specially with kids and nervous people to help them become great surfers! So we’re sure you’re in the best hands while learning with him!



Paddle Board Expert


Born in Mexico City, has lived 13 Years in Cancun and is absolutely in love with the Mexican Caribbean, loves to kayak, paddle board, lay on the beach and talk to people from all over the world.

Sab is a pioneer adventurer on the Nichupte Lagoon, she helped map the routes for the first kayaking tours, participates in multiple important events and competitions and constantly creates events that promote the conservation of the lagoon.

When she is not kayaking or doing Highlife Administration jobs, you will find her shooting arrows or having a relaxing time with her dogs and family.