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Buceo en Cozumel

¡Descubra el mágico Arrecife de Coral de Cozumel! Conozca las especies marinas y su lenguaje corporal

Conozca las especies marinas y su lenguaje corporal

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A1: Our whale shark excursion lasts approximately 6 hours, with most of the time spent on the boat.

A2: The package includes transportation, full snorkeling equipment, an experienced guide, fresh ceviche for lunch, and an express visit to Isla Mujeres, Punta Norte.

A3: While whale sharks are considered the largest fish on Earth, they are completely harmless and pose no threat to humans.

A4: Yes, all participants must be at least 5 years old and have moderate physical health.

A5: The whale shark, one of the largest fish in the world, is a completely harmless giant shark species that can reach lengths of up to 12 meters and weigh over 20 tons.

A6: No, equipment rental is included in the price. We will provide you with snorkeling gear.

A7: The best time to see whale sharks is during the breeding season (May to September). Each year during this period, whale sharks migrate to the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres to feed on plankton, providing a unique snorkeling experience for visitors.

A8: The short answer is yes. Whenever we engage in activities involving animals, our presence will have an impact. However, whale sharks are so large and peaceful that they seem unaffected by our presence. Nevertheless, necessary measures are taken to protect them.

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